03 April 2014

A New Project

I have quite intentionally not been blogging about food lately.  I have some new Southern sweets I've been working on.  I have a new Etsy shop called Southern Softies and I'm selling these sweet little handmade dolls. 
I sort of stumbled onto this project.  One night I decided to make a doll for my boys' best friend Annie and everyone loved it so much that this project snowballed on me.  I have gotten so much love and positive feedback I thought I might make a few more and see if anything comes of it.  

So, I'm going to take a break from the food blogging for a while to make dolls.  This might seem sort of odd if you don't know me, but the food is more of a stretch than the dolls for my background.  I started sewing almost before I could walk.  My grandmother made her living sewing.  My mom made all of my clothes when I was little.  I was a clothing designer once upon a time in my life.  My love of all things fabric and fashion took root a long, long time ago. 

Please take a moment to check out my dolls.  Share them if you like.  Show them to friends.  You can even buy one if you get the urge.  I hope you love them like I do.

Here's the link to my Etsy page (click here).

And here's the link to my Facebook page (click here).




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