06 December 2013

Insanely Awesome DIY Xmas Presents

Christmas is getting here way too fast this year.  We are in the middle of an "Ice Storm Warning" around here.  That means we are totally home-bound for a couple of days if you want to believe the forecast.  Since I have some extra time around the house on my hands, I thought I might give out links to some totally awesome presents you can make yourself for the ones you love.  If you have some extra crafty time, you might wanna bust one of these out.

handmade kitchen towels that are too pretty to use.
chalkboard tray.  awesome.
peppermint sugar scrub.  i heart peppermint shower stuff
sorta lovey-dovey, but we all need this sort of thing sometimes.
personalized containers for goodies!  yea!  goodies!

i love sugar cubes!  they make my morning coffee so much classier!
really lovely printable labels for more goodies!  yea!  more goodies!
homemade sharpie decorated mugs.  i did these with the kids last year.  too cool. Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk!
my kiddos love sidewalk chalk!
homemade marshmallows.  wait.  what?  you can make those?  you definitely can and you may never buy them again.  I make them every year.

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