05 September 2013

Another Social Media Outlet...

I have finally managed to get a page set up on Twitter.  I know, especially since I write a blog and everything, you might think I am at least sort of technologically savvy.  I'm not really.  I'm good at hunting, searching, copying, pasting, and Googling until I finally figure things out.  I don't want to sound like a total doofus.  I am computer literate and a competent typist, but a lot of the social networking and constant connection is a little weird to me.  This is totally showing my age, but when I started college I still wrote my papers on a typewriter.  I didn't have an email account until I started college.  No one I knew did either.

So, please follow me on Twitter.  You can find me @  SouthSweetEats.

I'm probably not gonna post any new recipes for a week or so.  Me and the fams are going on vacation for a few days.  I will post pictures.  I might post them on Twitter.  The boys are getting to go to the ocean for the first time.  We are totally psyched.  Sam has a countdown going on the chalkboard in the kitchen.  Two more days.  

And, finally, a little note related to the last post and my need to coat everything in caramel.  Do not try to use Cap'n Crunch with the microwave caramel.  Bad news.  Lots of smoke.  Totally ruined bowl.  Horrid smell.  Oh, the horror..... Don't say I didn't warn you.

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