24 July 2013

All New Just For You!! A Visual Recipe Index!

Sorry, folks, but there's no new recipe today.  I have spent hours upon hours upon even more hours working on a new recipe index.  Being a former fashion designer, I just could not bear the idea of an entire page being nothing but words.  No pictures, nothing to draw you in, make your mouth water, etc....

Since I am definitely not an expert at all this fancy web page design, it took me longer than it should have, but I am pretty darn happy with it.  Hopefully you are, too.  Working on it reminded me of some recipes I had already forgotten about and was sort of stroll down memory lane for the last year or so.

Please check it out.  Let me know what you think.  I would like to know.  Really.

CLICK HERE to check it out.  Thanks!

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