08 February 2013

Blackberry Cake with Caramel Frosting without a Recipe

This cake was my husband's request for his birthday cake.  I have to admit, it wasn't perfect.  I had never made a Blackberry Cake before.  I still had some blackberries in the freezer from the blackberry farm this summer, so I was able to overcome the lack of fresh berries this time of year.   I forget about how persistent those blackberry seeds are.  Most other seeds become nearly nonexistent in the cooking process, but not blackberry seeds.  You really need those mushy frozen ones so that you can strain out the seeds.   Really.  You have to do it.  I couldn't get past 'em. 

I also messed up the frosting on this by cooking it a little too long, so it was chewy.  It was basically like a caramel candy coating rather than frosting.  I know what I did wrong, so I'll fix it the next time I make it.  I'm going to give you the recipe for these once they're fixed.  I promise.  I guess the cooking mojo just wasn't with me today.  We all have good days and bad days, etc. , etc. , etc....

So, no recipe from me today.  I will have one for you on Monday.  I wasn't really sure whether I should post today or not, but I guess I just wanted to let everyone know that I am definitely not perfect, even in the kitchen.  I am going to work on these, though because they definitely have potential.  They really missed the mark this time around, though.  One thing that you might find amusing is the color of the batter for this cake.  It's purple.  Not just a little purple, but almost day-glo.  It was disturbing enough that I called my husband into the kitchen so he could see it, too.  Here's the picture for you.  Hopefully it'll make you smile.

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