27 December 2012

A Winter Wonderland...Sort Of....


We don't get much snow here in Arkansas.  Maybe once a year, we'll get an inch or so.  Every few years we get a little more, but not much.  This year we got the more than we've gotten at one time in about 25 years.  We also had our state's first ever blizzard warning.  Because this sort of weather is so very, very rare, we are not at all prepared for it.  There's no salt or sand on the road, there's no plows, people don't know how to drive on it at all.  Basically we're shut in until the snow and ice go away.  This storm also has the particular downside of there being tons and tons of trees and branches down all over the place.  We lost 5 trees in our backyard alone.  Most people in town don't have power.  It's chaos. 

We are one of the fortunate few that kept our power during the storm.  I can't tell you how thankful we are, since we have already lost power for two days on two separate occasions already this year.  Since we still had heat, the boys and I got to got out and play in the snow today.  Our two and a half year old has only seen snow once in his life, and he wasn't walking yet, so this is really his first snowfall.  My almost-six-year-old has only seen snow a couple of times.  We were totally psyched to get out and run around.  They threw snowballs at me and made snow angels.  It was total awesomeness and almost worth being completely trapped in the house.

Even though I had all day at home, I am still recovering from the Christmas cooking, so all I managed to make was some slice and bake cookies and three cups of coffee with my new coffee maker I got for Christmas. 

We had a wonderful holiday around here and I hope you all did, too.  I'll be back with more recipes soon.  I promise.

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