11 June 2012

Welcome to Southern Sweets and Eats

Welcome to Southern Sweets and Eats, a blog devoted to Southern desserts, with the occasional savory dish thrown in for good measure.  I'm Amy, a Little Rock, Arkansas native, former fashion designer and punk rocker, wife, and mom.

I am starting this blog hoping to pass on a little bit of my passion for the Southern sweets I was raised baking and eating with my mom and grandmothers.  We Southerners have such a wonderful legacy in the kitchen, and I hope to contribute my own little part to it. 

So, I hope you enjoy.  There will be lots of yummy sweets and eats coming your way soon.  Feel free to contact me at littlerockbaker@gmail.com.

1 comment:

  1. I tried the strawberry divinity. It was devine!



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